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The name Jaisalmer evokes a vivid picture of sheer magic and brilliance of the desert. Legend has it that Rawal Jaisal laid the foundation of the city in 1156 AD. after consulting a local hermit by the name of Eesul. Tricuta was the hill chosen and Jaisal abandoned his old fort at Lodurva to establish this new capital.

Over the years the remote location of Jaisalmer kept it almost untouched by outside influences and even during the days of the Raj, Jaisalmer was the last to sign the Instrument of Agreement with the British. In medieval times, its prosperity was due to its location on the main route linking India to Egypt, Arabia, Persia, Africa, and the West.
Ages have gone by and the monuments of Jaisalmer have withstood the buffeting winds of the desert all through.
Jaisalmer is a marvel of beautiful culture and harsh climatic conditions, together amounting to a memorable experience.

Jaisalmer Fort- Like a yellow sand stone fabric that seems to issue skywards from the golden sands, Jaisalmer Fort is sheer magic. Standing proud to a height of hundred meters over the city with its 99 bastions, the fort is a splendid sight in the afternoon sun. Its double lined ramparts enclose a palace and a large living complex. Several entrances called "prols" guard the Megh Darbar and Jawahar Mahal which bear the imperial symbols of the Bhatti clans lunar lineage.
In fact the fort is a part of the desert citadel, walking up and down the cobbled and narrow lanes, one gets the feeling of a different age altogether.


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