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Shopping in Rajasthan
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Vibrant embroideries, woolen dhurries, and stone carvings Sadar Bazar is where the action is.

BIKANER : Best for camel products that include leather footwear, and its brilliant gesso work. Wool carpets and blankets , light cotton quilts, and brilliantly dyed cotton fabrics can be tracked down in the maze of tiny shops around Kote Gate, with KEM Road providing the shopping in larger stores.

JAISALMER: The local tradition of carving is best seen in little wooden boxes that are intricately pierced in exciting patterns and motifs. Also woolen and cotton rugs and blankets , embroidered fabrics, silver jewellery and trinkets, available in shops that open off the cobbled streets.

JODHPUR: Once brides came here for their trousseau shopping because the dyes and prints were resplendent, and the lame work brilliant. The same fabrics can still be found in the bazaars, and you may want to try on a sporty pair of Jodhpurs ( the riding breeches that originated in this town ). Badalas or zinc alloy pitcher used to carry water, covered with felted cloth, were an earlier version of today's water flask. Also wooden toys, leather goods, paintings, juttees and silver jewellery, all in the shops in the old city. Handsome pieces of old furniture and artifacts can be found in the huddle of shops at the base of Chhattar Hill.

KOTA: Best known for it's small checked-weave cotton sarees called Kota doriyas, in light floral prints.

PUSHKAR: During the November fair, the meal is a bewildering array of shops with fabrics, embroideries, utensils, terracotta pots, trinkets, silver jewellery, camel saddles, blankets, shawls, beads , bangles and other baubles. 

SHEKHAWATI: Associated with the low-legged Shekhawati chair , this region is known for wood carving, metal utensils, made -as-old furniture, and tie-dye fabrics.

UDAIPUR: One of the principal shopping zones outside Jaipur, here are a myriad shops with paintings of the miniature and pichwai variety, as terracotta tables and plaques. There are also locally dyed fabrics and textiles , embroideries , wooden toys , white metal objects d'art , silver enamel artefacts, and image of Krishna in the Nathdwara style.



Blue Pottery 

An art form that was not local to India , it has its origins in a charming tale dating from the day of Sawai Jai Singh II , the founder of modern  capital city of Rajasthan. The maharaja heard of the kite flying prowess of two boys who, it appeared, added a quartz glaze to their string to strengthen it. On investigating, he discovered that the tradition of quartz pottery was of Persian origin and invited the artisans to his atelier in Jaipur, and so began the blue pottery school in Jaipur.

Made of crushed quartz, fuller's earth and sodium sulphite, and fired in kilns at high temperature, blue pottery consists of hand painting in various shades of blue and more recently, of the addition of colours such as yellow, pink and green, to a range of pottery ware that includes tiles, vases, bowls, mugs, urns, doorknobs, even costume jewellery.


Setting Jewellery

If you thought making jewellery was merely the job of a designer and his craftsman, you can think again . in rajasthan , it employs different skills and includes the following specialised workers:

CHHATERRA : His task is to engrave the ground for the setting of the stones.

KUNDANSAAZ: Sets the uncut stones in lacquer and antimony and cold sets it with hammered gold wire.

MANIHAR: He prepares the enamels that will be poured into the hollows to creats the patterns.

MINAKAR: the enameller places the enamels and  fires them individually.

NYARRIA: his task is to refine the gold . usually 22ct gold is used for the making of Kundan jewellary.

PATWARI: Provides the finishing touch in the form of the gold and silk cord required by the wearer , and is also responsible for stringing the beads where required.

SONAR : Literally the goldsmith, he prepares the bezels and moulds for setting the stones. he is also responsible for polishing and cleaning the jewellery once everyone else's task is done.


Shopping Tour Package

Shop till you drop

8 days

Rajasthan has too much of a good thing, and just as you cannot ignore the sightseeing, nor can you manage to escape  the lure of shopping. In this great medieval bazaar, here's an itinerary that is tailored to provide you sightseeing and shopping till you, literally , drop off with the exhaustion of too much , together.

Day 1: Arrive Udaipur from Mumbai/Ddelhi. Morning, sightseeing. Afternoon, exploring the bazaars with its fine pichwais and miniatures, silver jewellery and hundred of other handcrafted objects.

Day 2: Drive to jodhpur , en route visiting temple towns including Nathdwara which is famous for its pichwai painting and silver inlay.

Day 3: Sightseeing in Jodhpur, afternoon explore its bazaars with their glowing coloured textiles, juttes and other handicrafts.

Day 4: Drive to Jaisalmer;local sightseeing.

Day 5: Meander through the streets of this medieval town , discovering the local handicrafts that range from embroidered textiles to finished objects, silver ornaments, woollen jackets, mirror-worked skirts and the like.

Day 6: Drive to Bikaner; local sightseeing and discovering the crafts associated with camel hides, as well as brilliantly dyed fabrics. The snacks produced in Bikaner are immensely popular.

Day 7: Drive to Jaipur via the towns of Shekhawati.

Day 8: Local Sightseeing in Jaipur and Amber. Once this is done, it's up to you to decide how much time you want to spend in the bazaars of what is truly a shoppers' paradise . will just the afternoon do? the tour ends with your decision.

Are you interested in a all exclusive shopping tour to Rajasthan ?


Exclusive Rajasthan : Folk Music and Dance | Shopping | Cuisines | Arts | Fairs and Festivals

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