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On reaching the city go to a hotel, restaurant, shop or guest house of your choice. Do not fall for the choice of the taxi or auto driver, as the driver may be getting a hefty commission from the owners and you will end up fleeced.

Avoid buying goods from shops located close to major tourist spots as they are much costlier than available in the city.

At times drivers and commission agents can tell you that a particular shop has closed because of a tragedy in the family. Do not swallow that.

Always ask for the tariff card in a hotel since the rates vary from season to season. During the tourist season the tariffs are much higher than during the lean months. It could well be passed on the tariff of the peak season during the lean season.

Money changing should be done through authorised dealers only. You may get tempted to. have it changed from unauthorised persons. It could turn out to be more expensive and is also illegal.

All buying transactions should be done in Rupees and ensure that the price is marked on the article.

Stay away from private guides and rely on those licensed by the government.

When using credit cards for shopping have the slip filled in front of you. You could be told that if you buy the goods, then the shopkeeper will not send the credit slip for payment until you actually receive them. But this is not true since no merchant will give you the goods only after receiving the full payment. In fact the merchant, within 48 hours of signing the slip, wilt have contacted your bank, and the money would have been credited to his ac count. Another thing that should be taken care of is when a shop keeper takes your credit card and then after a while comes with the slip to be signed sometimes, the shopkeeper will print a few more forms, forge your signature and you will be billed for items that you never purchased.

While shopping, it pays to bargain as much as you can.

Go to several shops to see the difference in price structures and buy goods from genuine dealers. Within a particular product there are a number of variations in quality and workmanship. And by visiting a number of shops, you will become familiar with the goods on offer and their prices apart from being able to sift the genuine from the fake.

The term government approved has no authenticity as far as shops are concerned, but apply only to money changers.

While travelling use the comfortable deluxe or air-conditioned buses.

Avoid talking to strangers and do not get tempted by their cool talk they could, steal your money and belongings after spending some money on you. While travelling by train do not accept any food from strangers. It could be laced with drugs and you could become unconscious. On regaining consciousness you will have been deprived of your money and other belongings.

(Note in case of any complaints you should meet or write to the Director, Department of Tourism Western Gate, Government Hostel, M.I Road, ,Jaipur)


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